1. Montmirail


At Montmirail a Russo-Prussian corps under Sacken encountered what appeared to be an isolated division under Ricard. Seeing his superior numbers Sacken ordered the attack and called for a reserve division under Pirch to join the attack.

Just south of the battle Napoleon had a reserve of the Guard ready to engage the Russians before Pirch could attack.

The Russians have all divisions but Pirch on the table. The French have the Old Guard infantry in reserve. Game length is 8 turns. Sudden death is at 1/3 and Courmore and Marchais are worth 1VP each.


French deploy Ricard on the left zone, cavalry on the right with the infantry in the woods. Guard infantry is in reserve and appears between the other two divisions.

Russians deploy in the green zone with the cavalry on the right zone (A6). Reserve comes in on A6.

Order of battle